Chicago White Sox: Reacting to all of these proposals

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(Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

The Chicago White Sox are just waiting to play baseball yet the MLB and MLBPA continue to go back and forth on proposals for returning to play.

Now Jeff Passan is reporting that the MLB has a 50 game proposal that will increase their pay a little bit more fairly if neither side can come to an agreement. That came almost 24 hours after the news of the proposed 114 game schedule came out. It is easy to discuss how we think the Chicago White Sox is going to do in any specific format that they come up with but there are so many now that it is hard to pick which variation of the schedule they will end up using if any at all.

The issue is that all of these proposals keep coming out with little expectation that one of them is going to stick. With the small chances of each one becoming the one they finally decide on, it is harder to get a grip on how the White Sox are going to do. They are a very young team that has a lot of potential thanks to their young players looking to lead them to the promised land.

The White Sox have built this team the right way. They believe that they are going to be good for a very long time as they have modeled their rebuild in a way that many other teams wish they could. That is why all of these proposals coming in and then not working out is getting to be a little frustrating as White Sox fans.

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We are starved for a winning team on the South Side and right when it finally looked like that was going to be the case in 2020, the coronavirus took over the world. Well, in order to cope with all of these proposals, it is just best to keep a positive mindset. Baseball will be back one way or another and when it is, the White Sox will be right there for us.

Hopefully, they are able to take the next step towards becoming a championship-caliber organization really soon. It is going to be a fun time watching this team once they finally are back on the baseball diamond. We just need the MLB and MLBPA to finally agree on something.