MLB names Mark Buehrle best lefty starter in White Sox history

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(Photo by David Banks/Getty Images) /

The Chicago White Sox have had some brilliant lefty starters play for them but Mark Buehrle was named by MLB dot com as the best.

The Chicago White Sox have had some very good pitchers throughout the years. Pitching has been one of the pillars of this team in years that success was with them. The main proof behind that came in 2005 when some elite pitching up and down the rotation and bullpen helped them get it done. It is one of the biggest keys to the game of baseball.

So, MLB dot com has been doing a lot of different lists with baseball on pause right now. In a recent article, they declared the best left-handed starter in the history of the franchise. They also rounded out a top-five for each team in addition to naming the best as well. They declared Mark Buehrle as the greatest left-handed starter in the history of the White Sox.

It is pretty obvious as to why they named him the best. White Sox fans got to see him win a World Series with them in 2005 along with being one of the league’s best pitchers for a really long time. He ranks sixth in franchise history with 161 wins during his 11 seasons as a starter with the club.

He also threw a no-hitter against the Texas Rangers in 2007. It was deemed a no-hitter but he still went out there and went 27 up and 27 down. He walked Sammy Sosa but then picked him off. It was crazy but he did get his perfect game two years later in 2009 against the Tampa Bay Rays. Buehrle was a great player for them and he is considered a Chicago White Sox legend.

The top five behind Buehrle is Billy Pierce, Chris Sale, Wilbur Wood, and Gary Peters. That is some list but the one that sticks out the most is Chris Sale. He is in all likelihood, the most talented one out of these five pitchers, even Buehrle. He was never on a playoff team which hurts his legacy with the team. If he was a guy who had playoff success with the team as Buehrle did, he would easily be the number one lefty this team has ever seen.

light. Hot. The best Chicago White Sox local draft pick is Steve Trout

Sale made multiple All-Star Game starts and has the White Sox single-season strikeout record in 2015 with 274. He is the main piece that went to Boston Red Sox to kick off the rebuild and he did go win a World Series there. He should be number one instead of number three but he didn’t stick with the team long enough to prove it. With that, Buehrle gets our respect as the best left-handed pitcher in the history of the franchise because of his accomplishments.