The Chicago White Sox rebuild is over according to Giolito

(Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images)
(Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images) /

According to Chicago White Sox ace, Lucas Gioltio, the rebuild is officially over. It is time to look ahead and start winning baseball games.

The Chicago White Sox have an ace in Lucas Giolito. The fact that he might go on to be the second or third best pitcher in the organization makes it that much more exciting. It wouldn’t surprise anyone if he keeps his ace status, however, and that would be okay because he is so awesome. He believes in what this team has been doing and where they can go if they stay the course.

Giolito also believes that this team is going to start winning baseball games in the near future. He went on the Red Line Radio podcast last week and was an incredible interview for those guys. He went on there and made the city proud of his willingness to be a good leader in social issues just as much as he is a leader on the field.

Well, in this interview they did eventually start talking about baseball as well. He said definitively that the rebuild is over. He believes that the team is good enough to start winning baseball games. It is good to know that one of the most important players on the team believes that they are ready to be done with the rebuild stage of this all.

That means that he is being told that the team is going to keep doing what it needs to do in order to put their best foot forward. It also means that Giolito sees what they have done and likes what he’s seen. If a player that good agrees with what the front office is doing, it is a good sign. The White Sox organization and it’s fans should be so happy that Giolito sees this as a team that will be incredible soon enough.

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The confidence that Giolito shows now is great news for everyone involved. All of the pitchers on the team can follow his lead in order to become as successful as they can be. As awesome as a player as Giolito is, he is an even better human being. We are lucky to have him.