The Chicago White Sox should welcome in Sammy Sosa

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The Chicago White Sox could make a big statement in this city if they were to welcome Sammy Sosa to honor him for his time with them.

The Chicago White Sox are a classy organization. That could be a determining factor for whether or not they would think it would be a good idea to bring in Sammy Sosa to give him a chance to be embraced. It would probably be a good way to sell some tickets and it would be a good way to re-spark the rivalry between the White Sox and Chicago Cubs. It would have to be when the team is allowed to have fans in seats following COVID-19.

The White Sox were unlucky when they traded Sosa to the Cubs as he developed into one of the league’s all-time greatest players with them. His 609 career home runs are ninth all-time and he is one of only nine players to ever hit 600 or more. It would be okay with most fans to see him be brought in to throw a first-pitch or something like that for a few different reasons.

The first reason is fans should be a little mad that they let Sosa get away and go to the North Side. This could be a way to show him that the White Sox are a classy organization and acknowledge that the trade was a mistake. The White Sox have since made it even with the Cubs, however, in the Jose Quintana for Eloy Jimenez and Dylan Cease trade.

The Cubs are being nasty with Sosa. He desperately wants to feel welcomed back in Chicago and they refuse to do it for some reason. The Hall of Fame debate is a different argument as he has been linked to PED use despite never failing a drug test in his life. Regardless, the Cubs can’t even honor him by allowing him to throw out the first pitch or sing “Take Me Out To The Ballgame” one time. He wants his day with the fans and the Cubs won’t give it to him.

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It is a shame to see the Cubs do Sosa so dirty like they are. Especially when he was such a great player for them and made them a lot of money. The Cubs might not be a global brand like they are without Sosa and Wrigleyville might look a lot different. Well, the White Sox swooping in to invite Sammy back to the South Side would be both amusing and a nice gesture to someone who spent parts of three seasons with them.