Chicago White Sox: A 60 game schedule is good for a young team

(Photo by Ron Vesely/Getty Images)
(Photo by Ron Vesely/Getty Images) /

The Chicago White Sox are going to play some ball this year. There will be a 60 game schedule and that could be good for them.

The Chicago White Sox probably would have a ten-game lead in the division by now if the coronavirus didn’t stop the sports world from continuing in mid-March. Well, things are the way they are so we had to sit there and listen to millionaires and billionaires argue over labor for three months. It hasn’t been a whole lot of fun to be a baseball fan during that time but it looks like it is there is light at the end of a very dark tunnel.

July 1st is going to be the first day of Spring Training 2.0 and Opening Day is going to be July 24th. It will be a 60 game schedule that sees each team play it’s normal division rivals and then the same geographical division from the other league. It is going to be a sprint from start to finish instead of a marathon but every team in the league is going to be on the same playing field.

The White Sox had some high expectations for themselves in the first edition of Spring Training. It was a lot of fun to follow along with but it was paused right before things really started to get good. Now, we have to hope that the White Sox are able to recapture some of that momentum that they had before the pause.

They had young players like Yoan Moncada, Tim Anderson, Eloy Jimenez, and Lucas Giolito break out last year and they are going to be looking to repeat that. New guys like Luis Robert and Nick Madrigal are going to be in the mix this year and they are some exciting new players looking to make their mark. This has the makings of one of those really nice young teams that pop out each year.

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This 60 game season is something that the White Sox can take full advantage of. A hot start is so important in a year like this so it is a bit nervewracking to think about how the first part of the season could go. Something like this could end up proving to be good for this young talented team.