Chicago White Sox: Three pitching additions for 2020

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Chicago White Sox Yoan Moncada
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The Chicago White Sox are going to be getting some pitchers back for the 2020 season that they might have not had to start if the season began on time.

The Chicago White Sox are back. Major League Baseball has put together a 60 game season that will start on July 24th and have Spring Training begin on July 1st. That is great news for us White Sox fans because 2020 is the year that things start to look up for this organization that has been down for so long. It has been tough waiting this long but we are almost there.

There are absolutely no positives that came from the COVID-19 pandemic. Things have been very difficult for all American people during these times but baseball has a chance to heal some wounds. With that said, a different kind of healing has taken place already that might not have been as smooth if there was a 162 game season.

The White Sox does a relatively good job keeping their pitchers healthy as an organization but for some reason, the end of 2018 and into 2019 had a string of bad luck for some of Chicago’s pitchers. “Tommy John was our best pitcher” was a joke about the team last year as there were a few different guys who needed to get through that very difficult surgery.

Well, a lot of time has passed now and the White Sox should have all of its arms ready to go following the delay of the season. The White Sox needs all hands on deck this year to win games so hopefully, they are all full strength more often than not this year. These are the three pitchers that the White Sox believe they will have back from their injuries to add to the mix in 2020: