Chicago White Sox: Three players who need 2020 baseball

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The Chicago White Sox have some players who really need there to be some games played in 2020 for the sake of their careers.

The Chicago White Sox are going to play some ball! It has been a really tough time for baseball fans over the past few weeks listening to the results of the labor dispute between the players association and the league but we are done. They are going to play ball for us finally. The COVID-19 pandemic has been devastating to our world but now baseball (and sports) have a chance to give us a sense of normalcy.

It was especially disappointing for White Sox fans because this was the year. After the momentum that they had in Spring Training, it was clear that things were different. Maybe they weren’t going to win the World Series but they had the makings of a team ready to start putting it all together. It is going to be more challenging with a 60 game schedule as 162 games would have given them much more time to learn and figure things out.

With that said, this new challenge is something that they should embrace by putting their best foot forward. They aren’t going to get much respect from the national media at first until they start winning because they haven’t proven anything yet. This is an organization that has been in a decade long slumber and it is time to wake up.

There are some players in the organization who absolutely needed baseball this year. Their careers might not have depended on it but you can make the claim that they would be significantly impacted by not playing. Players need to play and some are in need of that diamond right now more than others. These are the three White Sox players who absolutely needed this 2020 season to happen: