Chicago White Sox: Three players who need 2020 baseball

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Chicago White Sox James McCann
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The Chicago White Sox have two very good catchers. Yasmani Grandal was signed in the offseason to come in and partner up with James McCann to form one of the league’s best catching duos. Grandal is better than McCann and will get way more starts but that is in no way saying that McCann can’t be extremely valuable to this team once again.

McCann was an American League All-Star in 2019 because he was so good for the White Sox. That earned him another year with the team but his contract is up once again after this year. He needed baseball in 2020 because of the fact that he needs to show that 2019 wasn’t just a one-hit-wonder. He just turned 30 earlier in June so he has a whole lot left in the tank. The White Sox need to make sure this position stays as stable as it currently is and maybe McCann will be a part of that.

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2020 is coming and McCann is going to be a big part of it for the White Sox. He doesn’t even need to have that all-star level of production that he did in 2019 but he just needs to be a solid backup catcher for this team. Both sides will benefit from that in the long term if it happens. 2020 baseball is happening and we can’t wait to see these players show their stuff.