Chicago White Sox: The Sod-father loves Luis Robert

(Photo by Ron Vesely/Getty Images)
(Photo by Ron Vesely/Getty Images) /

The Chicago White Sox have the best groundskeeper in The Sod-father and he absolutely loves Luis Robert as a baseball player.

People who follow the Chicago White Sox closely know all about the Sod-Father. His real name is Roger Bossard and he is by far the best groundskeeper in all of Major League Baseball. 24 out of the 30 Major League teams use his methods to keep up with their field. The White Sox have some of the best field drainage and field prep thanks to Bossard. When you go to Guaranteed Rate Field, you know that the field of play is always going to be pretty thanks to the man known as the Sod-Father.

He went on the Red Line Radio podcast this week and had some interesting insight on the field. He gave a fantastic interview about keeping up with lawns and all of that but one of his baseball comments is what really stood out. He had some very high praise for White Sox rookie, Luis Robert.

Robert is a guy that has been on the radar of White Sox fans ever since they announced that he agreed to sign with them as an international free agent a few years ago. For a guy who maintains the lawn to have such high praise for him means a lot. He hasn’t made his MLB debut yet but we all have extremely high hopes for him. His presence clearly tells everyone that he is going to be a star which is very exciting. Bossard is not the first person to say that he was impressed just by watching Robert exist.

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Luis Robert is signed to a long term deal so we are going to get the luxury of seeing him play for a very long time. He is going to be the starting centerfielder when baseball returns and probably maintain that spot for over a decade. This is very exciting stuff and hearing it from the Sod-Father just means a little more. Robert and the White Sox are almost here and we have a lot to look forward to with this group.