White Sox: 20 games vs Kansas City and Detroit make or break them

(Photo by Nuccio DiNuzzo/Getty Images)
(Photo by Nuccio DiNuzzo/Getty Images) /

The Chicago White Sox will play 20 total games against the Kansas City Royals and Detroit Tigers. Those games will make or break their season.

In a 60 game season, anything can happen. That is the biggest storyline across baseball right now as the league tries to get going. They are going to play the 60 games in 66 days so every game is very important. July 1st starts Spring Training 2.0 and the season will begin on July 24th. COVID-19 has been really tough to deal with so having baseball back will be nice. The Chicago White Sox need to have a good season and turn the corner of their rebuild in this short season sprint.

We know that they will play their four division rivals and the five teams from the National League Central Division. The key for them is getting off to a good start and keeping it going throughout the short season. It is a big challenge but there is something in the schedule that should be a little bit more favorable for a young White Sox team.

When they say that everyone has a chance to win this year, it is somewhat true but there are four or five teams that you can point to and say that they have a near-impossible chance because they are so bad. Two teams like that just happen to play in the American League Central and they are the Detroit Tigers and Kansas City Royals. The White Sox will play against them ten times apiece for a total of 20 games. 20 out of 60 games will be played against two of the three worst teams in the American League.

That is a huge chunk of the schedule that the White Sox absolutely have to take advantage of. At a bare minimum, they must go 13-7 against them combined. That is averaging two out of every three games against them which is what most teams strive for in a full 162 game season. In the case of this year, it would be even better for the White Sox to do even better than that against them because they are so bad.

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Nobody in baseball (or sports) should ever be taken lightly but the White Sox have to beat teams worse than them in order to be a playoff team. Having a large chunk of the schedule against teams like this is huge for them. Hopefully, they are able to take advantage.