Chicago White Sox: A chance to save baseball in this town

(Photo by Kyle Rivas/Getty Images)
(Photo by Kyle Rivas/Getty Images) /

The Chicago White Sox have a chance to make baseball really exciting in Chicago if they take over by winning games more than they lose them.

The Chicago White Sox are going into the 60 game season with a lot of hope. People believe that they are going to turn the corner in 2020 and there is a good chance that it happens. The White Sox are a team that has been in a slumber for a decade. Meanwhile, the Chicago Cubs won a World Series on the other side of town in 2016. It was a Cubs town before that and it became even more apparent after that big win.

Well, this is a chance for the White Sox to save baseball in this city. A lot of people are very angry at the sport because of what has gone down in the past three months. COVID-19 has devasted our country and even a large portion of the world so hearing millionaires and billionaires go back and forth about labor negotiations has annoyed many people. They have every right to be annoyed at that but the White Sox have a chance to fix it.

They aren’t going to have any of their players break the single-season home run record but they have a chance to give the city of Chicago something to root for. None of the White Sox (or Cubs, for that matter) were outspoken or criticized at all during the negotiations so there are really no hard feelings on those guys. If they come out and win baseball games they will endear themselves back into the community.

Nobody really expects the White Sox to take over the city in terms of most fans. They could win ten World Series titles in a row and the Cubs would still be more popular for whatever ridiculous reason. With that said, fans of this team or baseball in general that live here could really use a good team to cheer on. The White Sox could be that team if they start to reach their potential in 2020.

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There are also some players on this team that are straight-up fun to watch play baseball. Eloy Jimenez is always smiling and just a treat to have both on and off the field. Tim Anderson has all of the necessary tools needed to be a leader in the clubhouse while being an elite player on the field. There is also a guy like Yoan Moncada who is simply amazing at baseball that can mesmerize you when you watch him play. It would be awesome to see these guys force Chicagoans to fall back in love with baseball.