Chicago White Sox: Five reasons they will win the World Series

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The Chicago White Sox believe they are a playoff contender this year. These are five reasons they have a chance to win the World Series.

The Chicago White Sox are hoping to return and play well this season. It will be a short season because of the coronavirus and labor negotiations so whoever hits the ground running the most will make the playoffs and ultimately go on to win the World Series. The White Sox have a chance to be that team and there are some reasons to believe that it is really possible.

There are probably 20 teams in the Major Leagues that believe that they can be that team that starts hot and gets into the playoffs. It is going to be difficult to come back from a bad start this year so whoever wins the World Series is going to be able to say that they were good pretty much all year long. If the White Sox want to become a championship-caliber team eventually, turning the corner in 2020 would go a long way in that process.

The White Sox have a roster worth being excited for. There are plenty of different reasons to believe in this team and their chances to win the World Series. Not many people are going to pick them to even make the playoffs let alone win the World Series, but they have the horses to do it. They are going to be good quicker than people think so the rest of the league needs to be ready for them to burst onto the scene. These are the five main reasons why the White Sox could win the World Series in 2020: