Chicago White Sox: Drawing the Cardinals at Field of Dreams

(Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
(Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

The Chicago White Sox are going to now play the St. Louis Cardinals at the Field of Dreams instead of the New York Yankees.

COVID-19 has canceled a lot of things in 2020 so far. The game at the Field of Dreams in Iowa is not one of them. It will still be the Chicago White Sox hosting it but they will no longer be playing the New York Yankees. Instead, it will be the St. Louis Cardinals going up against the White Sox in Iowa. The sight of the movie named after the field is currently being built and there are no plans to cancel it due to the virus.

That is fun news for baseball fans. Would it have been much better against the Yankees? Yeah, probably. Ray Kinsella’s dad John was a Yankees fan and the scene of them having a catch at the end of the movie is still one of the all-time team jerkers. It is also two teams that could form a great playoff rivalry if the White Sox start to become playoff regulars along with New York.

There were some other intriguing options out there as well. There are some people who wanted it to be the Chicago Cubs. We know the rivalry there as the fans of the two teams don’t like each other one bit. One team is on the rise and one is on the down so it would have been cool to see the rivalry have that moment but it isn’t going to happen.

Another option seemed to be the Cincinnati Reds. The movie “Field of Dreams” is about Shoeless Joe Jackson coming back from the dead to play baseball. The reason that was his dream is that he and eight of his teammates were banned from baseball for being paid by gamblers to lose the World Series on purpose. The team they lost to on purpose? You guessed it, the Cincinnati Reds.

Either way, the coronavirus has made life very difficult but we are just happy to have the game happen at all. The St. Louis Cardinals present an interesting storyline in their own right. They are a team the White Sox only gets to face every so often but there seems to be respect between these two teams. They are both enemies of the enemy which helps that sense of respect.

They are both also relatively close to the Iowa sight so COVID-19’s restrictions might be a big part of choosing the cardinals. The sports leagues are trying their best to keep their players safe and healthy so this could be a reason why.

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It should be really fun for both sides to participate in this game. It will (tentatively) take place on August 13th on FOX. This is a big opportunity for the White Sox to showcase themselves well in front of a huge national television audience. This should be a bright spot amidst some very tough times for a lot of people. Let’s go, White Sox!