Chicago White Sox: Edwin Encarnacion is a perfect DH

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The Chicago White Sox might have a really good DH in 2020 for the first time in a really long time with Edwin Encarnacion coming to town.

The Chicago White Sox have had a mediocre player in the designated hitter spot for a really long time now. Ever since Jim Thome left after being one of the league’s best DHs, the Sox have suffered in that role. It is supposed to be another good hitter in the starting lineup in place of the pitcher but it hasn’t worked out for them quite as good as they would have hoped in recent years.

Well, 2020 should change things if they are actually able to get back to baseball. There are a few different options to be the DH at different times but Edwin Encarnacion is more than likely going to be that guy on most days. He has had a great career at a hitter but he continues to pump out great production despite being in his late 30s.

This is a right-handed hitter that has over 400 career home runs. He has hit 30 or more in eight straight seasons. There are even a few 40 home run seasons sprinkled in there. He is not going to be able to eclipse the 30 home run mark this season as there are only going to be 60 games but he certainly might be able to hit a good amount.

His power should prove to be very valuable to this White Sox team. They have a lot of great hitters in the starting lineup and having a big bat like Encarnacion could be really nice for them as protection in the lineup. You can also just look at how much of an upgrade he is over the players who filled that spot in 2019. This team is expected to be pretty good this year and Encarnacion could play a very big part in it.

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The White Sox were pretty active in free agency. Encarnacion was just one of a few to come in but the Sox knew how important adding a DH would be. Encarnacion is one of those guys who you know exactly what he is going to give you. That makes him the perfect DH for this team.