Chicago White Sox: Three players who deserve ten year deals

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The Chicago White Sox have some players who might be good enough to get a ten-year deal f the White Sox ever wanted to give one of those out.

There was some big news in the sports world yesterday. The Kansas City Chiefs gave their superstar starting quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, a ten-year contract extension. You read that right, a professional athlete signed a ten-year contract extension. He also has two years left on his current rookie contract so he is locked in for twelve more years. It makes us wonder, are there any players on the Chicago White Sox that would deserve a contract that big?

No team in baseball is probably keen on giving too many guys contracts like that because they can really hurt you later. If the player gets really hurt or their play starts to fall off, ten years is a very long time in the sports world to have to deal with that contract. Think about what baseball (or any sport) looks like right now and what it looked like back in 2010. Things change from year to year let alone from decade to decade.

The White Sox are a team loaded with young players so maybe if there was a team in baseball that would take a chance on a player with that type of deal, it would be them. There are a few different guys that you could look to in terms of the ones who might be candidates for a contract that long. This is just a fictional list in light of the Mahomes deal but it is still fun to think about. If there were a situation where they did it, it would be one of these three players: