White Sox: Andrew Vaughn could play third-base this year

(Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images)
(Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images) /

The Chicago White Sox might want to use Andrew Vaughn this season and they may be forced to try him at other defensive positions.

So far, Yoan Moncada is the only player that is expected to be in the Chicago White Sox starting lineup that hasn’t been to Summer Camp yet. They announced that two players have tested positive for COVID-19 and Moncada has been missing for “undisclosed reasons”. We don’t want to speculate because it isn’t our business but it is hard not to jump to that conclusion. The good news is that both players that tested positive, according to the White Sox, were asymptomatic.

Hopefully, he gets back from whatever it is that is keeping him out soon because he is the best player on this team right now. With that said, in the meantime, they need to have a backup plan for his spot in the starting lineup and in the field. Is it possible that Andrew Vaughn plays third for the White Sox while Moncada is out?

Well, it seems like he is going to be given an opportunity at least right now. Vaughn was the third overall pick in 2019 after being a great player for Cal in college. He came in with hopes of being their first baseman of the future and that is still probably the hope. He also has a history of pitching so you would think that he is able to make the throws you would need to make as a third baseman.

The White Sox had him taking the field as the third baseman during practice on Wednesday morning. Chuck Garfien of NBC Sports Chicago had a picture of him out there at third and it looked like he was pretty comfortable in that spot. It makes you think that it is a good backup plan for the position for any time that Moncada is out.

The question after the practice as far as Vaughn was how he played. Rick Renteria told the media that he liked what he saw from Vaughn at third base which could be a good sign. A kid this young and this talented playing multiple positions is something all teams in baseball are looking for. No matter how the manager uses the players, they need to accept and execute their roles in order for the White Sox to win games.

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We don’t know if or how often he will be used at the MLB level this season but it could go either way. The White Sox are hoping that he lives up to his potential at the plate and that he is at least serviceable in the field. He is a fantastic power hitter that looks like he has a chance to be a really good big leaguer. This was fun to see in practice and speculate how far it could go.