Chicago White Sox: Three throwback jerseys we want to see

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The Chicago White Sox have a lot of sweet jerseys in their history but there are three specific ones we want to see them wear as throwbacks in 2020.

The Chicago White Sox are always a well-dressed team. They might not play as well as they look but there is no doubt that their jersey history catalog is solid. They currently wear four really nice jerseys that all fans love because they are clean. They also do a great job representing the colors and logos that make this team what it is.

Their home jerseys are the beautiful whites with black pinstripes. They join the other teams with pinstripe jerseys as the teams with the best look on their home diamonds. They have the traditional gray jerseys with Chicago written in script across the chest and they are awesome. Their all-black alternates are awesome and they have worn them both at home and on the road which is nice.

On Sundays at home, they have been wearing the red white and blue throwbacks for a while and those are some of the nicest jerseys in all of Major League Baseball. They were worn by the White Sox from 1981-86. They debuted them to be the Sunday home jerseys in 2013 and then made them the permanent jersey in that instance from 2014 to now. They are well known as the “Winning Ugly” jerseys even though there is nothing ugly about them.

So, could the White Sox go on to use other throwback jerseys mixed in there? The team is very old and has a lot of history so it would be awesome for them to start to show off some of that history. These are the three throwback jerseys we want to see them wear the most: