Chicago White Sox: Three throwback jerseys we want to see

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The White Sox have had a lot of sweet jerseys over the years. The ones that a lot of modern-day fans want to see are the pinstripe vests. They had these in the early 2000s and folks loved them. They are basically the same exact thing as their normal pinstripe home jerseys except they were cutoff like vests and worn above black shirts. It looked very clean.

Over the past month or so, the discussion about these jerseys was a popular one. People across the fanbase of this team discussed it at length and even team beat reporters like Chuck Garfien got in on the fun. He ran a poll that had 81.5 percent of 3,704 people voting yes to having these jerseys come back this day. Out of any specific jersey the White Sox have worn in their history, not many get the discussion going as much as this one. That makes it seem like there is a real chance that it comes back one day.

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The White Sox have made very little changes to their home, alternate, and away jerseys since 1990. The only little modification was the time that their pinstripes were also made into vest jerseys. Obviously, there are a lot of jerseys to pick from but we are curious as to which ones the fans would most want to see come back sometime in the future.