Chicago White Sox: Luis Robert is simply fun to watch

(Photo by Ron Vesely/Getty Images)
(Photo by Ron Vesely/Getty Images) /

The Chicago White Sox showed Luis Robert off again in a televised scrimmage.

The Chicago White Sox had a scrimmage game for everyone to watch. It was finally broadcasted on social media and the NBC Sports Chicago app so fans can take a look. For a while now, we have heard about how great Luis Robert is. Those of us who keep a close eye on the Minor Leagues know that he has been amazing as he progressed through the system. It has been fun to watch and now casual fans are going to get a look.

With the COVID-19 pandemic removing baseball from our lives for a while, the MLB debut of Luis Robert has been delayed. It was a long winter of waiting for it and we had to wait even longer than we thought. He has been impressive at every level and now even watching him in these intrasquad scrimmages has been fun.

This kid a big boy. He legitimately looks like he is big and strong enough to be a defensive end at Alabama. As White Sox fans, we sure are happy he chose baseball. He was noticeable in this broadcasted game that they played. He was the starting centerfielder on one of the White Sox teams that suited up for the intrasquad afternoon.

There was a ball hit to centerfield that would be a gapper in a lot of games but Luis Robert was able to track it down and make the catch. It was a small sample size of how he automatically improves the outfield defensively. Even the right fielder and left fielder are going to be improved just by having Robert out there helping them make big plays.

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There was also a sequence where Robert was on first base for a double hit by Jose Abreu. Robert was able to score from first base on the hit. He has great speed and it was evident in that play. He is going to be able to make such a significant impact for this team and it shows every time he steps on a diamond. This is going to be a sprint of a season and a player like Robert can make all of the difference.