Chicago White Sox: Nick Madrigal is showing himself well

(Photo by Ron Vesely/Getty Images)
(Photo by Ron Vesely/Getty Images) /

Nick Madrigal is showing himself well in Chicago White Sox scrimmages.

Things are going well for Nick Madrigal so far at Chicago White Sox summer camp. There was a lot of speculation back in Spring Training whether or not he was going to begin the year with the big club or in AAA but COVID-19 made that debate irrelevant. The season is now finally going to begin and Madrigal looks like he is going to be a part of it. We don’t know if he is going to be a starter right away but he is certainly going to be there with the team.

Further evidence of his greatness has been on display here at Summer Camp. For one, Lucas Giolito called him (and Andrew Vaughn) a pain in his rear end. Giolito is one of the best pitchers in Major League Baseball and he had a tough time early in Monday’s scrimmage with Madrigal. Madrigal then followed it up on Tuesday with another impressive showing for the White Sox.

These are just intrasquad scrimmages that mean absolutely nothing but playing well in them is way better than not playing well in them. We may need to temper expectations at times but it does seem like Madrigal is going to be a great player on the South Side. Hopefully, he is able to keep this up going into the 60 game season and forces the coaching staff’s hands.

When Madrigal is at the plate, no matter who he is facing seems to have command of the batter’s box and doesn’t look at all intimidated. He knows how to work a count to force himself to get the best possible result. Obviously, he might struggle when some of the other best pitchers in the world face him but his development should be a lot of fun to watch.

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Hopefully, he is able to get in there at second base as well because he is a fine defensive second baseman. He won the Minor League Gold Glove for the position in 2019 which was encouraging. This could be a great player for the White Sox in the not so distant future and fans should be excited. We are lucky that we get to watch him continue playing in these intrasquad games, and eventually, some exhibition games against real opponents before the real show begins.