Chicago White Sox: Five prospects who could debut in 2020

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The Chicago White Sox are a very young team and they could get a whole lot younger when these five prospects join the crew in 2020.

The Chicago White Sox have been all about the prospects for a few years now. It all started when they sent Chris Sale to the Boston Red Sox for Yoan Moncada and Michael Kopech. They were added to the farm that was pretty weak at the time but they started to build it up. They kept adding and adding and we have slowly started to see them trickle in over the past year or two.

Well, they have had some graduates to the MLB and they are still waiting for a few of them to arrive. It is coming for a lot of them that aren’t there yet which should be very exciting for fans of the organization. There have been some players like Moncada, Eloy Jimenez, and Lucas Giolito amongst others who have made it up and been impactful. That should really start to help this team win a lot of games.

Well, they are hoping that some of the players who come up now have similar impacts to those who came before them. There is a really good chance that it happens and it could be as early as this season. Part of the fun of a rebuild is watching these kids come in, go through the ranks, and reach the MLB. Then, winning with them would be the ultimate prize.

The White Sox have been waiting for a year like 2020 for going on four years now. 2021 might be the more realistic year for something like a World Series but you never know what happens. You especially never know what happens now that it is only a 60 game season. These are the five prospects who could join for that 60 game season to make their MLB debut: