Chicago White Sox: 2020 is the year for Rick Renteria

(Photo by Ron Vesely/Getty Images)
(Photo by Ron Vesely/Getty Images) /

Rick Renteria is staring down a big year in his Chicago White Sox managerial career.

The Chicago White Sox hired Rick Renteria after firing Robin Ventura. The Chicago Cubs had just fired Renteria after one year so they can hire Joe Maddon. Renteria wasn’t a bad manager with the Cubs but they were rebuilding so their record was horrible. Once the prospects started to hit the Major League lineup he was already gone. Well, when he got to the White Sox they were just starting a rebuild of their own so he has never really had a great roster.

His record as a Major League manager hasn’t been great but he is definitely going to have a good team in 2020. If they don’t perform a lot of the blame might fall on him. Some fans already don’t like him but a lot of those people just look at records with no context. He deserves a chance with a good baseball team and this is it. 2020 is certainly going to be a big year for him and his career.

He is going to have the opportunity to put together a really good starting lineup on Opening Day and he is going to have a pretty deep pitching staff. It is less than ideal that he only has 60 games to do something with these guys. All signs point to him doing a great job as a manager because these guys love playing for him.

Under Renteria, the White Sox seem to have a lot of fun. They also seem to be a team that is never truly out of a game. When they are down, there is a belief system that they can come back and at least make it interesting. A lot of that has to do with coaching which is why the “Ricky’s boys don’t quit” slogan is said often.

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Even if this year is around a .500 record the White Sox should consider giving him 2021 as well. That is the year that this talent is really going to explode even more than it does here in 2020. Renteria deserves a chance to win in Chicago and it would be so cool to see him do it with the White Sox. The Cubs gave him the short end so the White Sox lifting him to glory would be awesome.