Chicago White Sox: Three players to trade for a starting pitcher

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Chicago White Sox Dallas Keuchel
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The Chicago White Sox might want to trade one of their depth pieces for a depth pitcher.

So far, it looks like the 3-5 pitchers of the Chicago White Sox are a bit shaky. Lucas Giolito and Dallas Keuchel each have a good start under their belts now but there are a few reasons to be concerned about everybody else. They might be willing to do some adding to this rotation if this lack of depth in the rotation doesn’t show itself. In order to do that, they might need to lose a great player.

They also might be able to trade someone who you would just consider a “solid” player for someone who you would consider a “solid” pitcher. Getting a good number four or number five would be so worth it to these guys and moving other people down or into the bullpen. Obviously, more of their guys need to play better but adding one more might make that so much easier.

We will see who becomes available as the season progresses but it could be anyone. As long as they are a pretty good pitcher, the White Sox would be wise to go for one. These White Sox have a lot of great players in their starting lineup. There are so many great hitters in this lineup so moving some of the backups for pitching would be really wise. They need to be able to keep the opposition down in order for this roster to be able to do anything with their offense.

If they are able to expand their rotation, that will improve their bullpen by default. Moving some of those guys who they don’t use regularly might force the coach to construct better lineups anyway so this could be a win all around if they did it. These are three good players that they can trade for a starter: