Has Carlos Rodon thrown his last pitch for the Chicago White Sox?

(Photo by David Banks/Getty Images)
(Photo by David Banks/Getty Images) /

Carlos Rodon may or may not have thrown his last ever pitch for the Chicago White Sox.

Carlos Rodon has had a very up and down career so far with the Chicago White Sox. When he was first coming up, he looked like he was going to be a great number three behind Chris Sale and Jose Quintana. Well, things fell apart quickly for the team and both of them were gone before you know it and that put some more pressure on Rodon. Here we are in 2020 and he still has never reached what was once his true potential.

On Tuesday afternoon, the Chicago White Sox made a transaction that might scare some Rodon fans. He is going on the injured list yet again. It is not a sight we like to see because it seems like injuries are the number one reason that he is in his position that he is in today. It came to a boiling point in 2019 when he left to have Tommy John surgery in the middle of the season. He is back from that but now his shoulder is bothering him.

He lost close to five miles per hour of velocity on his fastball from the first inning to the second in his Monday night start. He didn’t make it beyond that inning because of his shoulder soreness and it has put him on the ten-day injured list. Gio Gonzalez has come in to take Reynaldo Lopez‘s spot in the rotation while he is out so we have to wait and see who takes the ball when it was supposed to be Rodon’s turn.

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The hope is that Rodon hasn’t made his last ever appearance for the White Sox. As a fanbase, we really wanted to see him stick it out and be with this team when they became contenders. He might not make it with the team past this season if he is out for the year but you also never know. If they don’t bring him back they should probably make sure that whoever they are bringing in is an upgrade. Maybe this is just some soreness and he can be back in 10 days.