Chicago White Sox: Three reasons to not trade Tim Anderson

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Chicago White Sox Tim Anderson
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Trading Chicago White Sox SS Tim Anderson would be a terrible idea.

The Chicago White Sox know as an organization how good Tim Anderson is. He was one of their top prospects before reaching the MLB and his maturation process has been a lot of fun to watch over the years. He really burst onto the scene in 2019 when he went from a good player to a great player. It was an incredible year for him and he is going to be looking to build on that for a long time.

Anderson takes some heat for his defensive weakness. Well, it’s not really like he can’t make the routine plays but sometimes he struggles to make the big plays like the other shortstops in the league. He does work incredibly hard at getting better in that department and we all know that when Anderson puts his mind to something he usually figures it out.

There has been some chatter about fans thinking it would be a good idea for the White Sox to trade Tim Anderson at some point in the near future. He has been injured for a few days and the White Sox hasn’t lost since he went down so that is likely the biggest reason why this discussion is taking place but that is a ridiculous thought process.

The White Sox haven’t been winning because of the fact that Anderson has been out. They have been winning because their pitching has been very good and they score a lot of runs. We knew that they would need their offense to come through this year and so far it has. Inserting Tim Anderson back in would only make it much better. These are the three reasons why you absolutely keep Anderson in the mix: