Chicago White Sox: Three reasons to not trade Tim Anderson

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Chicago White Sox Tim Anderson
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The Chicago White Sox know that he is a brilliant hitter. He was okay in his first few seasons but nothing compares to his breakout 2019 season. He hit a remarkable .335 to lead all of baseball in batting average to win his first career batting title. That told the world that he is here as a hitter and he isn’t going anywhere.

His defense doesn’t match his offense yet and it might never. That is okay because he is such a great hitter. He is perfect for the other good hitters on the team to be around in the lineup because he can get on base with the best of them. There is plenty of power around him to take advantage of what he can do.

So far this season, he is hitting .333 in 30 at-bats which isn’t bad at all. When he comes back, it is going to be so fun to see if he can keep it that high just like he did last year. He also had one home run with one RBI and seven runs scored before he went down. He definitely might have fewer RBIs than runs scored if he continues leading off but Luis Rober might even have that spot in the lineup full-time now. Regardless, he is worth keeping around because of how good he is at hitting and how clutch he can be at the dish.