Chicago White Sox: Three reasons to not trade Tim Anderson

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He is committed to this team and winning

Nobody wants to be with the Chicago White Sox more than Tim Anderson. More importantly, nobody wants to win with the Chicago White Sox more than Tim Anderson. He has shown time and time again that he will do whatever it takes to try and win a baseball game. He has shown remarkable improvement in all areas as his career has gone on and that is exactly the attitude this team needs to succeed.

He knows that winning is hard and comes at a high price. You need to give your heart and soul to your team and Anderson embodies that. He showed many times in 2019 that he cares about winning so much and he can take his intensity to the next level in order to achieve goals. Some people don’t like all of the antics but anything that can help this team should be good with the fans.

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You want what Tim Anderson brings to the table to stick around because of what it can do for the organization. He brings a great impact both on and off the field and you have to hope that it rubs off on everyone. If they all want to win as much as he does, they will win it all eventually. We all know how talented he and his teammates are so seeing them all put it together with him leading the way would be so special.