Chicago White Sox: Worst loss of the young season by far

(Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
(Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

The Chicago White Sox had their worst game of the season and it was awful to watch.

The Chicago White Sox had a terrible game. It was awful to watch from beginning to end but that is what fans do, right? Well, they didn’t reward us for our efforts at pretty much any point from the fifth inning on. They had a nice 2-1 lead going into that inning but they shot themselves in the foot and allowed the Milwaukee Brewers to dominate them. It made the four-game week against them a split at 2-2. The White Sox technically swept them in Milwaukee and the Brewers swept them in Chicago.

The story of the game was the play made by Eloy Jimenez. He went to try and catch a somewhat routine fly ball in left-field but he got cute with it and fell into the net. It seemed like he didn’t know it was foul and that caused him to be too late in getting the ball back into the infield. This was off the bat of Christian Yelich who was struggling mightily before that and he scored on an inside-the-park home run.

Eloy Jimenez is a brilliant hitter. He is going to be (if he isn’t already) one of the best power hitters in the world. He crushes home runs and can hit for contact as good as any player on the team. They are so explosive as a team and Jimenez is in the middle of it. With that said, they either need to figure something out with him in left field or make him a designated hitter. This can’t continue otherwise he is going to get hurt.

He wasn’t the only one who was bad defensively in this game. The entire team just didn’t look interested at any point in the field. It was by far the most annoying game to watch and that includes the 14-2 belting that the Minnesota Twins put on them. At least in that game, it was an elite team that just got the best of the White Sox. In this game, the White Sox gave the Brewers pretty much everything they got.

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Okay, forget about it. The White Sox need to forget that game ever happened and move on. They have a huge series coming up here against the Cleveland Indians who have some incredible pitching. It is very important for the White Sox to stay afloat here for this series.