Chicago White Sox: Three trade packages for Jose Quintana

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Chicago White Sox Reynaldo Lopez
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The Chicago White Sox and Chicago Cubs could even trade two starters that need a bit of a change. Reynaldo Lopez was probably the White Sox best pitcher in 2018 but he took a big step back in 2019 and things haven’t been great for him here in 2020. He came over with Lucas Giolito in 2016 as a part of the Adam Eaton trade. Even though Quintana only has one year left on his deal, the White Sox could try and keep him if he played well when he comes back.

The White Sox can’t really afford to lose many games this season just because of their pitching. They are going to lose some games as every good team does but it needs to be because they were outplayed and not because they didn’t handle their pitching right. If Lopez went to the Cubs, they might have a guy waiting then in case the need for a starter pops up.

He also might be a nice player to insert into their bullpen. It can’t be stressed enough that their bullpen is very bad and needs help badly. Theo Epstein hasn’t been shy about doing what he needs to do to improve his team and Rich Hahn might be able to take advantage of a trade like this or similar.

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We don’t know if the Cubs will keep Quintana for the remainder of the season or deal him but it is an interesting storyline for sure. There have been rumors coming from reliable sources that people shouldn’t be surprised if the Cubs trade him to a team whose pitching has taken “a hit at their depth” which describes the White Sox perfectly.