Chicago White Sox: Postponed game vs St. Louis Cardinals

(Photo by Ron Vesely/Getty Images)
(Photo by Ron Vesely/Getty Images) /

The Chicago White Sox and St. Louis Cardinals are canceled on Friday night.

The Chicago White Sox are not going to be playing tonight against the St. Louis Cardinals. It is canceled because of the Cardinals’ inability to handle COVID-19. They made some questionable decisions and now they are two weeks behind the rest of the league with a record of 2-5. The White Sox are now the latest team to have a game canceled for this issue. It is good, however, that the game is canceled and the players are protected.

The game is rescheduled for Saturday where they will play a doubleheader on Saturday. The problem is, at this point, it still seems like it is up in the air as to whether or not it is believable that this happens. The Cardinals continue to have many people test positive and they continue to cancel games after two weeks so you just never know. We do hope that everyone is healthy so we can have some weekend baseball but you have to expect the unexpected at this point.

If they are able to play, the White Sox are going to go with Lucas Giolito in game one. That could be a big boost as they try to continue their winning ways. After that bad start in game number one, he has come out and looked like the Giolito we know and love ever since. It is a nice way to start a doubleheader if they are able to have their ace out there.

Game two’s starter is still to be determined. Rick Renteria went with a bullpen day last time a “TBD” start happened and it didn’t work out well for the White Sox. They can, hopefully, figure out someone to make a spot start and see them do a good job doing it.

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The first game of this series was supposed to be the Field of Dreams game. That was canceled for a variety of reasons as the league originally changed it from the New York Yankees to the Cardinals as the White Sox opponent. We hope that it can get done properly in 2021 but for now, we just simply have to hope that they play baseball and stay healthy while doing it this weekend.