Chicago White Sox: Is Nomar Mazara the answer in right-field?

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Is Nomar Mazayra the answer for the Chicago White Sox in the long-term?

The Chicago White Sox have a very good lineup. It is the best starting nine that they have had in a very long time. Some of the guys have a long way to go before they reach their true potential and that will just make the lineup even better. One of the reasons that their lineup is perceived to be better is because of the fact that Nomar Mazara is there as the right-fielder. The White Sox hasn’t had much production from that position in a long time but is he the long-term answer?

He has gotten off to a slow start after joining the team late but there are a lot of variables for that. We know what he can do in a normal year and it is respectable. Is it respectable enough, however, to not go for some of the bigger free agent right-fielders that are going to be available over the next offseason or two?

The answer is probably not. The White Sox have a chance to do something special with this group so they should really try to upgrade whenever they can. Mazara is a nice piece to have there in case they can’t land anybody better but they should always be looking. Rick Hahn has not been afraid to take risks as a general manager and upgrading a position isn’t exactly the biggest risk.

When players like J.D. Martinez, Joc Pederson, and George Springer could be available to you, you absolutely have to think about it. All of those guys would bring something different to the White Sox in a year full of 162 baseball games. If any of them came, this team would automatically be better for it. Their young core could use some guys who have made deep playoff runs and all of those guys have been in the World Series in the past handful of years.

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Even if someone not named becomes available that is a clear upgrade, the White Sox should go for it. This is a fun time in the history of the team and hopefully, they are able to take full advantage of it by putting their best foot forward.