Chicago White Sox: Three trade packages for Trevor Bauer

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Trade Two

This one might not feel like a whole lot of return for the Cincinnati Reds but it is easy to explain why. Bauer is on an expiring deal and the Reds are going nowhere this year. In a normal 162 game season, they would have plenty of time to come back and live up to expectations but that isn’t going to be the case this year. There is less than half of a season left now and they are way out of it. With Bauer on an expiring deal, his value isn’t as high as his talent level.

Nomar Mazara would go to the Reds and have yet another chance to redeem himself. He is a big kid with a lot of talent but he seems to always fail to reach expectations. The White Sox haven’t gotten what they were expecting from him when they brought him over from the Texas Rangers and the experiment seems to be a failure. There is still plenty of time for him to prove us wrong but if the Reds would take him in a deal like this, you do it without thinking about it.

Jake Burger is a former White Sox first-round draft pick. He has tremendous power in his swing but he hasn’t been able to develop because of injuries over the past few seasons. It feels like so many prospects have passed him along and made it tough to see him ever make this squad. If he went to the Reds organization to continue his development, he might really benefit from the opportunity.