Chicago White Sox: Three trade packages for Trevor Bauer

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Trade Three

The Chicago White Sox are pretty deep right now. They have a lot of players that they can use to help them win baseball games. They can use some of this depth to help get them another starter to help them into the playoffs. If they added a Trevor Bauer type pitcher to this rotation, they would be set. It wouldn’t cost a lot because of his contract status but they could absolutely try and convince him to stay if they do acquire him. He might realize what we already know about this team and its future.

If he was cool with signing an extension, then this deal would be really nice for them. Danny Mendick is a great utility infielder that can do it all. What has been surprising this season is the offense he has been able to produce this year.

Yermin Mercedes was one of the most entertaining players in all of baseball during Spring Training before it was all canceled. It really looked like he was going to make the team out of camp but then it was all for not. He didn’t make it after the COVID-19 pause ended but the future might be bright for him if he keeps working at it. If the White Sox could move him for a player of Bauer’s potential, however, they have to do it. He is a fun guy to root for but with the White Sox current catcher and outfielder situation, it is hard to ever see Mercedes getting regular playing time here.

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There is no proof to this idea that the White Sox would ever go for Bauer but you just never know. Based on the contract situation and where they are in the standings, you have to at least assume that they are taking calls on him. If they are, the White Sox would be wise to at least think about it.