Chicago White Sox: Tough loss to Minnesota Twins

Last night was a very annoying Chicago White Sox loss to the Minnesota Twins.

The Chicago White Sox lost a very frustrating baseball game to the Minnesota Twins last night. They aren’t going to win every baseball game, especially against a team like the Twins, but this one is annoying because it was a very winnable ballgame. They went up 2-0 in the top of the first inning but that would be the end for their offense. Dallas Keuchel pitched a gem but the bullpen had a rare letdown. As annoying as this game was, shake it off and move on to the next day.

The offense is the biggest part of this team. When they score twice in the first inning you have to feel good about their chances to win the game because on most days, there is no way that the first inning production will be it for the duration of the ballgame. They blew many opportunities with runners in scoring position in this game which is something they need to work on but at the same time, their offense has been so explosive and it isn’t always going to be.

It does feel good to be infuriated after a White Sox loss. That means two things for Sox fans, the first is that baseball is being played. Most of us would have done anything to be miserable after one measly loss back in May. The second is that the White Sox are good so an early September loss feels awful.

The Cleveland Indians won their ballgame so it is back to a two-way tie for first place in the American League Central. If you think that this isn’t going to be a three-way dog fight to the end between these three teams, I have some bad news for you. This is the best division in baseball and the Detroit Tigers knocking on .500s door doesn’t make things much easier.

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Reynaldo Lopez will take the ball tonight for the White Sox as they look to take the series. He will go up against Jose Berrios who is normally one brilliant pitcher. Berrios started on Opening Day for the Twins against the White Sox and they tagged him for five. He was chased from the game but the Twins ended up winning later in the game. If Lopez can figure out a way to have a great game, the White Sox should be able to score enough to take this series.

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