Chicago White Sox: Minnesota Twins have their number

(Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images)
(Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images) /

The Chicago White Sox really need to figure out the Minnesota Twins.

Things have been going as good as they possibly can be for a young, up and coming Chicago White Sox team here in 2020. In a short 60 game season, anything can happen but they are really starting to come into their own. They are exciting to watch on almost a nightly basis but there is one problem with this team. For some reason, they can’t figure out how to beat the Minnesota Twins more than once in a series.

The Sox are now 2-4 against them in this year’s season series. The two games they won each were a sigh of relief for different reasons but the four times they lost to them were some of the most annoying games to watch as a fan. It just feels like at this point, they have the White Sox number and there is nothing they can do about it.

Last night’s game was the prime example of why as the Twins smoked them 8-1. It was one of the worst games of the season for the White Sox and it was infuriating to watch. The Twins took care of Reynaldo Lopez and got him out of the game early and they took advantage of a tired White Sox bullpen. They need to figure it out against these guys and fast. Last night’s game was ugly and one they really need to learn from as not only a team but an organization.

They had to overcome the Minnesota Twins in 2005 before winning the World Series that year after what happened the year before and it feels like history is destined to repeat itself here over the next few seasons. We get to know those guys very well over the course of a season and this year is no different despite there being fewer games.

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They still have four more against the Twins. Sweep them and you end the season 6-4 against them. That would be fine and dandy but going 2-2 against them is probably more of an attainable goal and if you do better than that you can be even happier. For now, they need to look ahead to their next week of play as they should be able to take advantage of a favorable schedule. Their next five games are all against teams in last place. If there were a time to go on another run, it would be now.