Chicago White Sox: Big win gets team back on track

(Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images)
(Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images) /

The Chicago White Sox had a huge win to get them back on track.

The game didn’t start off as we had hoped against the Kansas City Royals because they went up 1-0 on an early home run. The Chicago White Sox are almost never out of ballgames because their offense is so good but it was a little nervewracking because they just lost two straight to the Minnesota Twins. Well, the White Sox ended up winning big as they took the Royals down by a final score of 11-6. It was a big game to get things back on track.

Dylan Cease was on the mound. He didn’t have the best stuff that we’ve ever seen him have but it was certainly good enough to hold the Royals down until the offense found a way to explode. The White Sox didn’t make a move for a big pitcher at the trade deadline so Cease is going to be relied on to make big starts as we move forward.

Edwin Encarnacion got the game all tied up with a towering home run not long after they went down 1-0. That ended up being a five run inning and set the Sox off for the rest of the game. It was one of those games that was fun to watch because everyone did a little something to help contrbute to the win.

Tim Anderson led the team with three hits and two RBIs while Jose Abreu was able to muster up two hits himself to extend his hit streak to 17 games. He added three more RBIs to his already impressive total. He now leads the league with 36 RBIs. Abreu is legitamately in the conversation for the American League MVP award. He has been so good and the White Sox were so smart to extend him last offseason.

Luis Robert‘s home run was the talk of the town because it still hasn’t landed yet. It was the hardest hit ball in the history of Kauffman Stadium which is incredible. This guy can absolutely unload on baseballs when pitchers make mistakes and it is so awesome. He is in line to hit a large amount of home runs in his career and all of the good years are going to be spent with our team. Robert really is a sight to behold when he is playing.

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The White Sox can’t stop there. They have another few games against the Royals this week and then they have the Pittsburgh Pirates right after that. Those are games that the White Sox should absoltuely win based on where each team is in the standings. This has a chance to be a fun weekend so hopefully, they keep it going.