White Sox Video: Jose Abreu hits a baseball a very long way

Jose Abreu’s big home run night led the way in a huge Chicago White Sox victory.

The Chicago White Sox got a huge win over the Detroit Tigers on Saturday night. We all know about how Jose Abreu was the catalyst of a 14-0 victory by the White Sox and it was so much fun to watch. He continues to impress (even those of us who already held him in high regard) and has been firmly placed in the MVP conversation. It is so exciting to think about how he is going to finally be in the playoffs wearing a White Sox uniform for the first time in his career.

One of the most exciting plays in all of baseball (or sports, for that matter) is a home run. There is nothing more beautiful seeing a baseball soar into the night sky. The White Sox, and Jose Abreu in particular, have done a whole lot of that this season. He had two blasts last night that will have fans talking for a long time. The first one was a home run to straightaway center that padded the White Sox lead.

The second one was just plain disrespectful as he hit a three-run bomb to pluto to put the White Sox up 12-0. It wasn’t just your typical home run either. He hit the ball north of 110 mph and over 430 feet. It was an absolute moonshot for his 15th of the season. He now only trails Mike Trout and Luke Voit for the league lead of 16 on the year.

What Jose Abreu is doing this season is special. He has been with the organization for a long time and it feels like he has been saving his career year for a magical White Sox run. They need him to keep this up to have a chance and he shows no sign of slowing down whatsoever. This home run is so much fun to watch and hopefully, there is more where that came from.