Chicago White Sox: Tim Anderson quiets people again

Tim Anderson has been everything the Chicago White Sox need and more.

Tim Anderson was one of the best hitters in all of baseball for 2019. He won the batting title because he had the best batting average in the entire league. The Chicago White Sox see him as a very important piece to their puzzle and he is rewarding them for that patience. He was expected by many to regress this season and that has just not happened. He continues to prove people wrong as the weeks go by. He is the perfect player to be the face of this franchise for a long time.

The statistics say it all

Anderson now has a slash line of .369/.408/.586. That average leads all of Major League Baseball by a wide margin. He is in line to win the batting title for the second year in a row. He has an OPS of .994 which is in MVP territory. He has seven home runs and 18 RBIs to go with it. His RBIs aren’t amongst the league leaders but that is because he is now a leadoff man. In the month of September, Tim has eight multi-hit games and only two games where he has zero hits. He just simply knows how to hit the baseball and get on base.


Anderson also took a lot of criticism for the way he plays defense in 2019. He wasn’t very good at playing shortstop in 2019 but that hasn’t really been the case this year. He, along with most of the team, has really improved his defense this year. Whenever a ball is hit to him, you can rely on him to make a play a good portion of the time.

Silence the doubters

He came out of nowhere in 2019 so people sort of saw him as a potential one-hit-wonder. White Sox fans who see him every day were able to see that those people were dead wrong. He was taking over the team both on and off the field and it has continued into this year. If they are going to win a World Series over the next decade, they need him to be a big part of it.

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The biggest game of the White Sox season

Anderson is finally going to be able to play in the playoffs for the first time in his career in 2020. He had a big night last night as he went 3/5 in the most important game of the season. He referred to it as “playoff ball” before the game and he was right. He continues to quiet everyone who doubts him and the White Sox which is why he is such an important part of the organization. He became a superstar right in front of our eyes.