Chicago White Sox: AL Central is the best in baseball

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The Chicago White Sox are a part of the best division in baseball.

The Chicago White Sox are going to be in the 2020 postseason. It has been tough and there is still a long way to go, but this has come while playing in the best division in all of baseball. The American League Central was the worst division in the league for years but now it is easy to prove how it is the best. Three of the teams are going to go to the playoffs and the other two were not necessarily pushed over this year.

First, the bottom two.

Kansas City Royals

The Kansas City Royals are the worst team in the division right now. They are the most recent team in the division to win the World Series (2015) but have since fallen off. Right now, they are where the White Sox were before the day they traded Chris Sale but don’t count them out as an organization that can figure it out again someday. They aren’t good right now and that it was why the White Sox taking care of business against them was important. They took advantage and went 9-1 vs them.

Detroit Tigers

Above them is the Detroit Tigers. Most people probably went into this season with the chance of being the worst team in all of baseball but they have certainly been better than that. In fact, they still have a slight chance of grabbing the final playoff spot, although it may be unlikely at this point. They have some really nice players in the pipeline and should be an issue down the line.

Although they were a better team than we predicted, the White Sox still managed to go 9-1 against them. People can rip on the Sox for nine of their wins being against them all they want but they were a decent team that you can’t take lightly (The Chicago Cubs are 1-2 against them and the Minnesota Twins are 4-4).

Next, the real competition to win the division.

Cleveland Indians

The Cleveland Indians probably have the best pitching in all of Major League Baseball. Their starting rotation is so good that they were able to trade an ace like Mike Clevinger at the Trade Deadline. This team can flat out pitch but their offense has been brutal. That has caught up to them and it has caused them to fall off a cliff in terms of wins and losses. They are in a bit of a cold streak but there is no doubt that they are still going to make the playoffs. Before going cold, they had a legit chance to win the division and even held the top spot for a minute.

The future looks bleak for them but you never know as they have found ways to keep impressing for about half a decade now. With that said, in the present, the White Sox should be able to fend them off in the standings. They have a six-game lead over them with 11 games to go. Four of those 11 games are against them so the Sox control their own destiny.

Minnesota Twins

The best team in the Division besides the White Sox is the Minnesota Twins. They have the best offense of any AL Central rival and their pitching has been good enough. People have questioned if the White Sox can take care of business against them but they have quieted some of those haters this week. The Twins will be in the playoffs and more than likely the first or second-place finishers of this division so the White Sox still need to bring their best against them.

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The best division in baseball: 

All in all, this division is awesome. We knew the Twins would be good, the White Sox have risen up this year, and the Indians were able to stay afloat. The Tigers weren’t as bad as we thought and the Royals even have a winning percentage over .400. Only the NL West (Los Angeles Dodgers and San Diego Padres each have a .600+ winning percentage) but the edge has to go to the Central. Whoever makes it out alive in this division should be proud of themselves.