White Sox Video: Garrett Crochet throws 100 to get first strikeout

The Chicago White Sox saw some magical stuff from Garrett Crochet in his first career MLB appearance.

The Chicago White Sox lost pretty handily to the Cincinnati Reds last night. They were down and out pretty early and were never able to come back. We aren’t used to them playing like that but it happens from time to time. It is a game to let go of and forget about but there was something that we might never forget in spite of the ugly score. Garrett Crochet made his first MLB appearance after he was activated to the MLB roster earlier in the day.

Evan Marshall was placed on the ten-day IL which isn’t great but all signs point to him coming back before the postseason. Crochet was given a shot and he turned heads right away. We have gotten pretty used to seeing some young arms come up through the ranks since the rebuild began but Crochet was a little bit different.


Garrett Crochet is an exciting player to watch. He throws complete gas as he showed in the video. He earned his first career strikeout by throwing 100 mph gas by Brian Goodwin. It was something he will never forget and something that should have all White Sox fans excited. If this is what we get to expect from Crochet for a long time, it is certainly going to be a treat to watch.

How do you follow up on your first career 100 mph strikeout against the first player you ever pitch to? You strike out the next batter you face with a 101 mph fastball. He can absolutely rocket the ball past hitters to carve them up. It was certainly impressive for the young pitcher. If he is able to reach his full potential for a long period of time, this rotation is going to be very good soon enough.

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The year is a little strange for Crochet. He was drafted by the White Sox just a few months ago. It is very rare for a player to be drafted and make his Major League debut in the same season. A White Sox draft pick hasn’t done it since Chris Sale in 2010 and only five players have don’t it since the start of the 1978 season. Hopefully, Crochet is able to stick with the club this year and make an impact down the stretch. This was fun to watch in an otherwise miserable game for the rest of the team.