Chicago White Sox: Five most likely playoff opponents

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Minnesota Twins

The Minnesota Twins are a possible White Sox first-round opponent but it is unlikely at this point. One of these two is going to win the American League Central Division and the other is most likely going to be the four seed. That makes it pretty much impossible that they play each other but the outside chance that the second-place team is lower than a four seed makes it possible that they meet in the first round just based on math.

If they were to play each other in the first round, that would be a tough draw for both teams. They went 5-5 against one another this year and each was hot at different times against each other. The Twins had the momentum against the White Sox early and the Sox turned it around last week. They know each other’s weaknesses as well as any teams in the league so this one would be tough.

If you have to pick a team in this series, the edge would have to go to the Twins because of the fact that there is a chance that they are still in the White Sox head. The Sox, despite the 5-5 split this year, has struggled against Minnesota in recent memory. This is not the ideal draw in the first round so it is good that it is the least likely of the five possible chances.