Chicago White Sox: Five most likely playoff opponents

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Cleveland Indians

The Cleveland Indians might be the worst possible scenario for the White Sox. Pitching is king in the postseason and Cleveland has the most. They can throw out a very good starter in every playoff game they have and it is even more apparent in a short series. The White Sox have two really good aces but the Indians might be the only team in the American League that matches them better and then some.

The White Sox are a team that relies a lot on offense. They would really need to tag the Cleveland pitching if they were to play them in the playoffs. They are an extremely likely opponent and that has to be scary for all White Sox fans. They are currently in the middle of a regular-season series against them right now and it hasn’t been good so far.

Hopefully, they are able to figure some things out against them in this last week of the season. It would be an entertaining series for sure but one that might cause White Sox fans a lot of stress. In addition to all of this pitching, they still have some offensive players that are scary as well. Guys like Francisco Lindor and Jose Ramirez are still there and they can be a problem. Despite trading Mike Clevinger their pitching is still dominant and despite their offense being soft for most of the year, they are starting to figure it out.