Chicago White Sox: Five most likely playoff opponents

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Houston Astros

Every team in baseball probably wants a piece of the Houston Astros. They are the team that will be known as the cheaters for a long time. They are going to go to the playoffs this season and teams are going to be going after them. They made it to the World Series last year and were defeated by the Washington Nationals but that all came before the sign-stealing scandal that has made everyone look at them differently.

We haven’t been able to see the White Sox play them this year because of the pandemic but that could change if they meet in the playoffs. It probably isn’t as likely as some of the other possible American League foes but it could happen.

Although the Astros aren’t winning the West for the first time in a long time, they are still loaded with talent. The intent to cheat probably isn’t there anymore but they still have crazy talented players. This would be a tough team to beat because of their playoff pedigree but the White Sox could absolutely beat them. Justin Verlander is out for the season and Gerrit Cole is a Yankee so the White Sox would like their chances.

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None of these opponents are going to be easy outs and anybody can win this year. With that said, there are teams here that match up better for the White Sox than others. They haven’t seen three of the five at any point this year so you never know who matches well against one another on the field but on paper, the White Sox are looking alright against most of them.