White Sox: Jimmy Cordero throwing at Willson Contreras is bad

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(Photo by Ron Vesely/Getty Images) /

Jimmy Cordero of the Chicago White Sox should absolutely not be throwing at Willson Contreras.

In 2019, Tim Anderson sort of put Major League Baseball on notice that the Chicago White Sox were coming. We knew they didn’t have the horses to start winning that year but it was coming. The big moment was when he hit a baseball to Pluto off Kansas City Royals starter, Brad Keller, early in the season. It was an awesome moment when Tim Anderson flipped his bat after getting the best of the Royals and their pitcher. All White Sox fans loved it.

The Royals didn’t love it so much so Keller threw at Tim Anderson during his next plate appearance. That caused the benches to clear and stirred up a whole bunch of trouble. The “unwritten rules” of baseball are starting to be challenged and Anderson has been at the front of that march. Most White Sox fans have had his back in this movement to make baseball much less dry. It is more fun to watch the game when players are clearly having a good time.

For all of those reasons, it is a disgrace that Jimmy Cordero threw at Willson Contreras in their game on Friday night against the Chicago Cubs. He was immediately ejected and rightfully so. That is just an embarrassing for the entire Chicago White Sox organization. You have Tim Anderson standing behind you who is a big key to your team and you throw at a guy for flipping his bat on a home run? That is about as hypocritical as you can get.

To be honest, Jimmy Cordero deserves to take a seat for that. For one, if he pitches in one of these two final games, he will have played in 50 percent of the games this season. That is way too much. Second, that was just so wrong what he did last night. Let me just tell you, there is a reason that Tim Anderson talked to Contreras and was friendly with him later in the ballgame.

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Rick Hahn went on the radio this morning and basically said everything right. He made it clear that he believes that if you don’t want someone to bat flip you, get them out. Willson Contreras hit a three-run bomb to give his team a big lead. This isn’t some meaningless series, either. It is a Crosstown Classic game where each team has a chance to win a division title. To go out there and throw at someone for being amped up for it is a disgrace. The White Sox better figure this thing out and fast.