Chicago White Sox: They should really start Garrett Crochet

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The Chicago White Sox should be starting Garrett Crochet in game three.

The Chicago White Sox loss to the Oakland Athletics was a few hours ago now and we still don’t know who is going to be on the mound for either team in game three. The game starts at 2 pm tomorrow so there is a good chance we won’t know until the morning. Rick Renteria called it a “TBA” decision so that ended that for the night (we think). There are a few obvious possibilities and it will certainly be interesting to find out and see how they play it.

Dylan Cease made a relief appearance in game two. He pitched well but he didn’t throw a whole lot of pitches. That appearance probably took him out of the equation for game three. That leaves names like Dane Dunning, Carlos Rodon, and Matt Foster as options. There is another major option available and his name is Garrett Crochet. If I were in charge, he would be the guy getting the ball to start this huge game.

He has never made a Major League start but he is identified as a starting pitcher. They brought him up and he was brilliant in all of his relief appearances so they might as well give him a chance. No matter who they start, they will be on a short leash so they might as well go with the flamethrower while they try and get a lead with their bats. If they can score some runs early, this might prove to be a really good idea.

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It is probably going to be a day that has a lot of different arms going as they will be putting all hands on deck to get the win. There needs to be a more efficient offense than they had in game number two otherwise it will all be for not but they need to keep this Oakland Athletics offense at bay as well. If we see Crochet to start the game that would be awesome but you can probably bet on seeing him at some point in game three.