Five Chicago White Sox doomed to be gone by next season

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Chicago White Sox Edwin Encarnacion
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Edwin Encarnacion was one of the big offseason signings. Everyone in the fanbase was excited about it because they haven’t had good production from the designated hitter in years. He was supposed to bring some of that power to help them out and be a better offense. It didn’t really work that way this year in the short-season as he really hurt the White Sox more than he helped them. He had a -0.5 WAR which shows that he wasn’t much of a help at all.

They definitely either need more from him or to replace him going into 2021. He will be 38 years old by the time next season starts so he might be coming towards the end here. The White Sox could use their option to bring him back if they want to but it would probably be better for everyone to move on. There are plenty of options to fill that DH spot from within the organization including some much younger players.

Edwin Encarnacion deserves respect. He is one of the active home run leaders for a reason. He has had a fantastic career but he just wasn’t that good with the Chicago White Sox. Both sides will move on but we can remember his career fondly because of how good he was.