Chicago White Sox: Three biggest offseason needs for 2021

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Chicago White Sox Rick Renteria
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Rick Renteria was a great manager for the rebuild portion of the White Sox organization. He was a great mentor and leader for the young core as they looked to take their careers to the next level. He did a great job cleaning up the locker room mess that was left behind during the Robin Ventura era. Now that they are ready to win, however, it is rather apparent that he is not the guy for the job.

The White Sox needs someone who is a better fit for the postseason now that they have a roster that has a good chance to get there on their own. With a roster this good, they should be able to get to the playoffs regardless of who their manager is. They have that now but they can’t be going into those playoff games with someone who doesn’t know how to handle pitching.

Defeating the Oakland Athletics was possible for the White Sox but some of the decisions that were made weren’t helping them in any way. There is no real answer for who the perfect manager is right now but it can’t be Rick Renteria anymore. It is tough to say because he is a nice man and everyone seems to like him but this is about winning baseball games now.