Chicago White Sox: Three biggest offseason needs for 2021

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Right Field

The Chicago White Sox need some help in right field. It has been an issue for them ever since they traded Adam Eaton to the Washington Nationals. It was fine when they were a bad baseball team by design but now they need help. They tried the Nomar Mazara experiment but it didn’t really work. He wasn’t very good whenever he was in the lineup and they don’t have much time to wait for him to come around. He was okay in the playoffs but he didn’t show enough to be a lock to stick around.

There are always options out there to improve, it is just a question as to how much the Whtie Sox are willing to spend on the position. Right-field is, normally, a position in baseball that you rely on offense from. They haven’t been getting much of that so they should be willing to spend a decent amount.

The superstars that looked like they might be options a few years ago like Bryce Harper or Mookie Betts are gone but that doesn’t mean the market is bone dry. They could go for someone in a trade or sign someone in free agency. Someone like J.D. Martinez, George Springer, or Joc Pederson would make sense for this White Sox team. All of them bring a World Series level of experience to a young team that needs it bad. Hopefully, they are able to get this worked out over the winter because it is very important.