Chicago White Sox: Firing Rick Renteria was an obvious choice

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The Chicago White Sox and Rick Renteria have decided to part ways.

The Chicago White Sox have fired manager Rick Renteria. They stated that they have agreed to part ways and that the White Sox will have a new manager in 2021. It came as a surprise because it was announced about 45 minutes before Rick Hahl held his post-season press conference. Not a lot of people actually thought they would pull the trigger but they did and it is a wise decision. There are some who defend Renteria but it became clear at the end of the season that he wasn’t the guy.

In baseball, managers have an impact but not as much as other sports. Renteria seemed to impact the game way too much during the 2020 season. If a few decisions were made in game three against the Oakland Athletics, they might still be playing right now. With that said, it could be a blessing in disguise because now they will search for that manager who can put them over the edge as far as decision making.

Rick Renteria is by all accounts a very nice man. He was great at helping the White Sox develop their young talent to get them to where they are today. He is a wonderful leader of men which is why he is perfect for that manager position of a rebuilding team. It is fair to assume that he will get another job, manager or not, with another MLB franchise.

This is the second time in his managing career that he was canned right as his team was on the brink of greatness. The Chicago Cubs fired him in favor of Joe Maddon right as their rebuild was complete. As we all know, the Cubs won the World Series two years later. We don’t know who the next manager of the White Sox is going to be yet but there are some very strong names out there for consideration that we hope can have a similar result.

They have not made any decisions on the rest of the coaching staff. They made it clear that they are going to discuss those things with whoever is going to be brought in as the next manager. Nobody should be surprised if they let them all go and nobody should be surprised if they keep them all.

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This is a move that should really help the White Sox move forward with this group. They have as much young talent as any team in the league so getting the right guy in there will help them get the most out of it. It is going to be fun to see who that is and hopefully, this works out well for this great White Sox roster.