White Sox: Chance The Rapper has a clear manager preference

Chance The Rapper has a clear choice of who he wants to manage the Chicago White Sox.

The Chicago White Sox have a couple of notable fans out there but Chance The Rapper is well known for his love of the White Sox. He often appears at games and throws out the first pitch every now and then. There is also a good amount of the time where he can be seen performing in his White Sox hat which is always cool to see. He took to Twitter when the White Sox announced a manager search was underway.

The White Sox fired Rick Renteria and made the announcement on Monday morning. They are going to be searching for someone over the next little bit but Chance The Rapper made his choice known to the public.

Chance makes it clear that he wants the White Sox to bring back their former World Series-winning manager, Ozzie Guillen. That would be really cool as he has had tremendous success with the organization. In 2005, he led the White Sox to a World Series title for the first time in almost a century. He will forever be a Chicago legend as a result.

Unfortunately for Chance and those of us who want Ozzie back, that isn’t going to happen. Rick Hahn wouldn’t give much as to what he is looking for in the next manager or who might be considered. The only thing he did give was some insight that Ozzie has been informed that he will not be returning to be the manager of the White Sox.

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As cool as it would be to see him come back as Chance suggests, it just doesn’t ever seem like it is going to happen. We get to enjoy him on postgame shows but there isn’t much of a chance that he returns to be the manager. As fans of this team, we can only hope that they find a way to bring in someone who will be able to help them take the next step. Hopefully, Chance The Rapper along with the rest of us gets to enjoy lots of winning White Sox baseball for a long time.